The Addams Family


The Addams Family, 2016, Lee College

My husband, Kim, instructs and directs theater at Lee College, Baytown. This past weekend he opened and closed a comedy musical, The Addams Family. The show was a success as it was well received by audiences laughing and enjoying the production. It was a lot of hard work and late nights. The students and outside guest cast members, along with the crew, worked as a team to make those many hours of work pay off. I couldn’t be prouder of my husband and everyone involved with the production. 

From lights, to costumes, to backstage crews and on stage actors, it was a group effort. Our son, Ryan, and his wife, Amy, played the lead characters, Gomez and Morticia. It just makes me so happy to hear them singing, watch them dancing and doing what they love together. Kim had students in this production who really shown brightly as they acted and sang. They displayed dramatic growth and maturity throughout the process of this production. 

It brings me great pleasure to see Kim’s theater arts program growing. He was fortunate to team up with the college’s music instrumental and vocal directors who provided vocal coaching and a talented orchestra to accompany the show. The choreographer, a friend of the local community theater, did an excellent job of choreographing the dance numbers into show stopping productions on their own. Another theater friend that goes back to Kim’s early teaching days, designed a beautiful set. Add in a mix of talented cast members who painted and decorated it, the set became the featured backdrop for the Addams Family story.

Kudos to everyone who helped make The Addams Family a success!


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