BLT God of Carnage on the Move

It’s been almost 3 weeks since the AACT Region VI festival in LaFayette, Louisiana.  Our very talented cast from BLT swept the awards program.  They won! Yes! They won Regional and will be traveling to Carmel, Indiana in June to compete with God of Carnage in the AACT National Festival.  How exciting is that! Pretty darn, that’s how much.

Region VI judges lavished the BLT troupe with awards for best production, best ensemble, best costume and best set design.  The judges presented Taylor Dobbs’ the Best Director award and to our own Amy Miller-Martin they presented the Best Actress award.  I’m so very proud of all of  their hard work.

Theater is a fun hobby, job and social outlet. To be awarded and recognized for one’s unpaid work is certainly gratifying. The Baytown Little Theater for the most part is a volunteer organization with one paid office manager. I think I can speak for most of the organization when I say we are proud of what we do in our little theater. Our talent rivals any of the other community theaters in our area and apparently in our Region which included Oklahoma, Louisiana, Tennessee, and New Mexico. So, yeah…I’m going to brag on these kids.

Taylor, Jamie, Ryan, Amy, Chelsea, Kenny, Stephanie, & Ryan #2., I’m proud of you for hanging in there, rehearsing, making props (including vomit), listening to critique, rehearsing some more and learning to clean up stage dirt. You are #1 in my book no matter what the outcome of Nationals.  So, give it your best and know we love you all for trying with such enthusiasm!


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