Theater is Alive and Well

Cast & Crew, God of Carnage

The American Association of Community Theatres is an organization that provides networking, resources and support to suit the needs of all those involved in community theatre. Every other year AACT sponsors a play festival to showcase the best of the best community theaters across the USA.  The Baytown Little Theater (BLT) has participated many times through its membership with Texas Nonprofit Theatres (TNT). Over the past several years the BLT has taken shows to this festival advancing out of district to state level competition. The award-winning plays performed by the Baytown actors over the years has been the hilarious three-man show,  America Abridged, the musical, Godspell, featuring some of our best young men and women singing, dancing and acting across a stage. The cast and crew of Del Shores’ Sordid Lives, brought a new edginess to the BLT stage, which ushered in the thought-provoking piece, Rabbit Hole, causing all of us to contemplate a parent’s worst fear. The year the theater’s entry had to drop out, a talented cast stepped up to perform The Pattern is Broken with the professionalism of pros. All of those brilliantly executed plays honorably advanced out of Quad IV to the State level of competition in the AACT Festival.

This 2013 festival year the BLTs entry to the AACT Fest 2013 is God of Carnage. A piece on human behaviors when confronted with either putting on a facade of polite civility or revealing their true, base selves. Ryan Martin, Amy Miller-Martin, Kenny Haney, and Chelsea Denard portray the two couples struggling to come to terms with what boils down to justice for each of their sons. Directed by Taylor Dobbs and assisted by Jamie Garza, Stephanie Whitley, Stephen Bent, and Ryan Marshall, the cast and crew has broken a BLT festival year record by advancing out of the State level to the Region VI level of competition that was held in LaFayette, LA.  Last night my husband and I were among the audience members looking on as the four talented actors performed their brilliantly executed contest piece. On Sunday the festival will end with an awards ceremony at which time we are hoping their play will advance to the Nationals level in Carmel, Indiana in June.

After Sunday we will know whether or not God of Carnage will advance. Winning would send this writer into ecstatic realms of joy  (after all I am the proud mother and mother-in-law of two of the actors), but even if they do not advance, they are winners. We are so very proud of their progress so far. Good Show!

Note: An update to follow Sunday award announcements. (4/21/13)


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