The Return of The Buzz

Recently, I consented to once again write articles for our community theater’s newsletter, The Buzz. It wasn’t difficult coming up with articles about the awesome shows, exciting auditions and latest buzz about our new building.

Our theater is currently in the throes of a campaign to raise funds for a new theater in historic downtown Baytown. The property acquired and a sign proclaiming The Future Home of the Baytown Little Theater has even been erected on the corner of Texas and Main should you want to drive by for a look. The architect renderings are drawn up and the contractor hired. With the present economy like it is, some of our beloved backers are holding their money in their tight little fists until they are more comfortable to let go of it. Hopefully, the government can get their act together and balance the country’s budget for us soon. Until that happens, our executive board of directors faithfully continue to invite the arts-loving community of theater-goers to contribute any extra funding they have to our new venue. With that in mind, you are also invited to contribute to our growing capital by clicking this link . On the website, scroll past memberships (unless you’d like to join our merry band of actors) to the step 2. where you may donate to our building fund.

The Buzz is a collection of newsworthy articles about the Baytown Little Theater which might just show up in your mailbox in October. It is the hope of the news staff that most of our members will prefer reading the newsletter online and save some trees. However, to get the news-ball rolling again, this comeback issue will be sent to our entire mailing list. Yep, you read that correctly and yep, that’s a lot of licky-sticky envelopes to sort for bulk mailing. The envelope will be needed in order to enclose a free BLT brochure chock full of 2012 season information at no extra cost to our readers. That by Hamlet, is a great deal!

It will be especially exciting see the revamped Buzz with its brand-spanking new logo atop page 1 of the tabloid. Our theater held a contest earlier in the season for a new theater logo and a talented person named Amy K. Shipley won. Including prizes awarded to Ms Shipley, her artwork has already blazed the sides of BLT coffee mugs, travel mugs, decals and show posters. The new BLT 2012 season Playbill will likely display her creative talents on the covers, too!

Next up at the BLT is a detective spoof called, Three Murders and its Only Monday!, written by Houston playwright, Pat Cook and directed by charter member and theater veteran, Joy Woods.  Three murders? Wow! That’s more murders than Leroy Jethro Gibbs has to solve on Tuesday nights for NCIS. I wonder who done it? I guess we’ll all just have to wait until opening night, November 4th to find out. The play runs for three consecutive weekends through November 20th. Tickets will soon be for sell online at for $15.00 each. If you bring a group of at least 15 people, a free ticket will be included for an extra person to drive you all down to the theater. Sounds like a good time to me!

Well, I guess I should have given a spoiler alert at the start of this post, but you haven’t read all the great information in The Buzz.There’s a lot more coming to a mailbox of website near you. Be on the lookout and tell all your friends to watch out for The Buzz!

The BLT Sign

BLT sign at TX Ave. & N. Main St.


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