Spring Theater

(Pictured: Ryan Martin & Julie Bailey) February was the month our daughter in law, Amy, made her directing debut at the Baytown Little Theater. She and her co-director, Sam Estrada, put together a very talented cast and designed a beautifully authentic country kitchen on stage. As the run progressed so did the audiences. Word got out about the show at the BLT and more people were reserving seats to see, Crimes of the Heart. Our son, Ryan, played the neighbor, Doc. In the picture shown here, Doc is has just told Lenny (Julie Bailey) that her old horse has died. The whole cast & crew of Crimes of the Heart were awesome. We thoroughly enjoyed the performances of everyone on stage. If you missed the show, surely it was because you lived too far away. Good show, Amy & Sam!

It is spring in the theater and the Martins are busy on and off stage. For three days in March, Kim and I joined other community theater enthusiast at the Texas Non-profit Theater conference in Ft. Worth. The BLT cast of Rabbit Hole took a one-act cutting of their show to compete with nine other community theaters from across Texas. The theaters were competing for one of two places advancing to Regional in Lewisville, Texas in April. While our cast did not get one of those positions, they did earn 2nd alternate. We couldn’t have been prouder of our Baytown Little Theater friends and their hard work.  In addition to watching 10 one-act plays in 3 days, we attended two mornings of discussions on the artistic insight of the actor and director.  Two of the three judges for the play competition joined the discussions led by Kim.  There was much sharing of ideas and learning that came out of several leading questions and potential answers.

The first weekend in April, Kim will audition actors for an original play he will direct entitled, The Lost Tribe. The play concerns survivors of the Holocaust who made a new life in America. Kim will be assisted on this directing venture by our son, Ryan. The play will open May 20 and run through June 5.

In the meantime, I am on the theater play-reading committee to read and compile a list of plays from which prospective directors will choose to direct in next BLT season. Also, Kim is working with the building committee as they plan for our new theater to be built this year. All of our BLT community anxiously await groundbreaking at the corner of Texas Avenue and Main Street soon.

The Martins continue to be involved with the BLT.  Keep watch on the BLT website for upcoming productions and activities for your pleasure this spring.


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