Field Trip to the Alley

Last week I went with Kim and about 45 of his students to see A Christmas Carol at the Alley Theater in Houston.  We were the only two chaperones to accompany our band of young thespians to the show. Kim drove the bus and I followed him in our car because the theater requested all the buses park a 20 walk away from the theater.  So, I needed to drive my car in order to drive Kim back to the theater. Ushers led the students to their seats in the theater and all had gone as planned so far.

However, we parked so far out that by the time we got back to the parking garage (in my car) and into the theater, the show had already been playing for 8 minutes.  Although we had to sit at the back, we could see very well and thoroughly enjoyed watching Scrooge and his visitors, the three spirits of Christmas.

That morning, before I left our house to join Kim at his high school, I Tweeted about going to the Alley with his students. Our son, Kyle, who teaches theater arts at a high school in Ft. Bend ISD, replied that he would also be there. During Act I, as the spotlight hit an actor down stage left, there on the end of the 2nd row, we spied Kyle. For me, personally, that warms my heart to see any of my sons, especially when I had not expected the pleasure.  We were able to visit with him a bit during intermission.

Back for Act II, and we were in our seats being entertained with pyrotechnics and electronics sharing center stage with the actors.  I loved every minute of the performance.  The classic Dickens’ tale was sprinkled with just enough humor to be lighthearted, and at the same time send the serious Christmas message of the story. That is to do your leave a legacy of acts of kindness, embrace the Christmas spirit and you will be blessed in this life and the next.

Before the play ended, Kim left to drive himself to the bus. I remained at the theater with the students who were very well-behaved.  When Deer Park ISD was called to line up outside, we only waited a short while outside before Kim came driving up with our school bus.  I loaded the bus with the students who were talking about their favorite parts of A Christmas Carol. It’s so wonderful that had the opportunity to observe professional actors in live theater.

Kim drove the bus back to where he had left my car and I got back into my car to again follow the bus. By the time we stopped for lunch and reloaded the bus, it was time to be back at their school.  Upon arrival at the school, I headed back to Baytown and the grocery store.

In an hour Kim met me back home where we rested and ate some dinner before heading back out to watch another Christmas performance. This time we sat in the cafetorium at our grandson, Aidan’s, elementary school.  We were just as amused and entertained by this group of Santa hatted 2nd graders as we were with Ebenezer Scrooge. Of course, our unbiased opinion was that our Aidan was the best and delivered his lines into the microphone clearly and distinctly.  It was the perfect end to a most entertaining day at the theater.


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