“Mame” at the BLT

Kim and I are directing the musical, “Mame” at the Baytown Little Theater.  We open December 5 running the first two weekends in December.  We close December 14.

The musical is the story of the flamboyant Mame Dennis her life raising nephew, Patrick Dennis during the 1920’s-1946.  Having never been a mother herself, Mame wanted to expose Patrick to life and all it could offer him.  She wanted Patrick to live without regret and learn about life from experience, not a textbook.

The music in “Mame” is very memorable with such favorites as the theme song, “Mame”, “We Need a Little Christmas”, and “Bosom Buddies”.  Our moderate cast sings those songs as if we had a large chorus singing the well-loved verses.  The very rafters will sing the choruses for audiences for 6 performances.

Something that I find to be very difficult about working on any play whether I am performing on stage or helping my director husband off stage is working with costumes and props.  Costumes and props seem to be those jobs I can not seem to unload on anyone else.  It has been quite an undertaking to track down 1920’s clothes as well as 1946 costumes for our actors.  I will however state that I rather enjoy the gathering props for the plays.  It is fun and quite challenging to gather or make props to represent a real item on stage.  For the musical “Mame” our actors needed to be holding riding crops in the scene where Mame goes on a fox hunt.  I had a good time finding the materials and making 8 riding crops for our dancers to use in the Fox Hunt scene.

Kim is working hard to meld together a new theater experience for our audiences and a fresh look at a theater classic, “Mame”.

I believe the show will be well received by our audiences.  The people working on our play are dedicated artists and like us want the BLT to enjoy the company of many community theater goers come the first two weekends in December.

What better way to start the holiday season than at a play with the family?


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